Found a free abandoned house in the woods on a property I own.

Bought this and a few other properties at a tax auction. Two of the properties I had never even seen before last week. I was surprised to find that this one has a well and an abandoned house on it. Pretty cool. I am thinking of the options. Off grid solar powered cabin maybe?

Growing Food is The Single Most Impactful Thing You Can Do in a Rigged Political System

The story of a South Los Angeles edible garden planted in a surprising spot. Ron Finley, its planter, constructed the garden the way he wishes his neighborhood could be. And his vision of repurposing unused open space, like that of many others working together on urban agriculture in our city,


You never know what you will see or hear when you’re on the Las Vegas Strip. LORDLANDONLINE.COM always out to bring the best in talent, with Happening On The LV Strip, features, on this clip, Joey Vitale and His Band performing Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Dirty Pool”, Enjoy!

From Gotham To Isolated, Code & Debt-Free West Texas Estate

Seven years ago John Wells sold his heavily-mortgaged home in upstate New York and bought 40 acres in West Texas for $8000. The area (Brewster County) is so isolated there are no codes or zoning restrictions so Wells built his own tiny home (in 9 days with $1600) relying on his set-building experience….