A cancer survivor: Is an inspiration to never give up.

The video pretty much sums it up, but I wanted to do this so that maybe someone out there will be touched and also continue this chain of PAY IT FORWARD.

My name is Alex Rios of Edinburg, Texas. I wanted to surprise my employee Veronica Solis with a car of her own. She is a cancer survivor and has inspired my life to never give up and always work hard. Earlier this week, I did call Vero because she was going into work late. She started crying (I never really get after my employees) and she said for me to look for another employee because she did not have a car and had no one to give her a ride. After hanging up with her, I felt in my heart to just go buy her a car. It is not everyday that we can do something like this for other people, but right now that I am able to, why not do it for someone that cares for you and takes good care of your business. ENJOY THE VIDEO!